Rainbow Ascension Key !

The key to the lightbody so your cells can comunicate better energy and balance in you.

Key INFO !!!

Hi there and welcome to my page which is still under construction so forgive ....so much to create .

Here is a quick info about getting your key if it resonates with you . You here cause you have heard about it or seen the video  :)    !!!

The Key has a donation Fee of seventytwo euro's (google currency converter for other currency preferably yours ) . Shipping and Packaging is free.

Then i need your CORRECT AND VALID delivery adress.      Allow two to five weeks for shipping . Usually i'll take a week when everything is in the flow.

Donations are made in the Donation section  (PAYPAL ONLY) !!!

This TOOL is considered to be LIGHSOUNDFREQUENCY ART and is sold as such . This is art like a Painting with color that make you feel good i do not claim to say this is the ultimate healing tool i have the people that reflect on what the RA KEY does for them and how it changed there lives for that i am thankful i call it Arcturian Technologies.

This tech is based on Light technologies as in singular technologies. Initially you are the key so this tool can assist you greatly in your ascension process ho ever it unfolds.

Some say why do we need material i say matter is the mother the mother nurishes she provides and protect. AIR FIRE WATER EARTH are all matter you are made out of matter matter i all.

So it like a cosmic crutch for your energetic lightbody to correct your blueprint system . RAINBOW ASCENSION KEY that inspires you in the miracles within you so rise like the sun and shine bright.

                                                                                                                       I LOVE YOU  RA  :)

                For KEY Info check  the KEY BIO  or if you have specific questions go to   CONTACT   .